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Cornish Hill Pottery would love to help you celebrate a special occasion with our personalized pottery gifts.


Orders can be placed by calling us at 603.569.6520
Orders are taken in the order they are received. When a certain quantity has been reached I must "cut off" orders for that kiln load. Summer visitors often overwhelm my schedule and delays in the fall are common. Personalized Items are always made to order and always take at least 4 weeks to make. It usually takes between 4-8 weeks to complete an order.

Now in my 38th year of making Cornish Hill Pottery, I am in the amazing position of going into a 2nd generation of “Baby Plates!”
The majority of these plates are ordered as wedding gifts. Others are ordered to commemorate new homes, retirement, special birthdays, promotions, and graduations.
Some people want stray slightly from the norm and go for bowls or pie plates. We will work with you to fulfill your requests.
Many of these ideas come directly from those individuals placing the order. Please contact us if you have your own idea!

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