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Cornish Hill Pottery is located in the historic village of Wolfeboro on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee.

Here I make hand crafted functional stoneware, decorated in the traditions of Early American and European potters with a method known as 'slip trailing'. The slip is a creamy mixture of clay and water which is applied to moist or 'leather hard' pots by brush and by extrusion through a fine nozzle on a hand held squeeze bottle. The slips contain various colorants, including natural clay colors and metals such as cobalt.

Each piece of Cornish Hill Pottery is hand thown and decorated by Gogi Millner. The pots are bisque fired to remove the chemically combined water and to oxidize organic impurities. Then the pots are glazed and glaze trail decorated. Next follows a firing to approximately 2350 °F in which the glaze is melted to a glass and the clay body becomes vitrified.

The pottery is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. As with any ceramic piece, take care to avoid extreme and abrupt temperature changes. I use no lead or other harmful glaze materials.


Caring for Your Pottery
Cornish Hill Pottery is oven, Microwave, and dishwasher safe. There is no lead or other harmful ingredients in the clay or glazes.

1. Extreme and sudden temperature changes could cause cracking. Generally, even heating and cooling is recommended. Avoid placing the pottery in situations where any area will be heated or cooled more quickly than the rest of it. An example of this would be to place a very hot casserole onto a very cold surface. Or conversely a very cold casserole from the refrigerator into a very hot oven where the bottom of the piece will instantly be significantly hotter than the top. Never place the pottery onto a direct heating element or burner. Microwaving small amounts of food for long periods of time can overheat portions of pottery in the areas holding the food. Use common sense. Stoneware has the potential to outlive us all by thousands of years!

2. Cleaning: Cornish Hill Pottery is dishwasher safe.

3. Stubborn stains, especially on un-glazed areas, can be cleaned with any bleach containing cleaners. Leave a paste of chlorine based cleaner on the stained area for about 5 minutes, then scour with a nylon pad. Unglazed areas will not absorb food products but may stain. This does not create an unsafe food situation. Stoneware is a fused glass and will not absorb unhealthy food organisms. Stains are an aesthetic problem.

4. All Cornish Hill Pottery is high fired, durable stoneware. It is similar in character and use to Pyrex glass products. While it is a very strong material, care should be taken to avoid striking it with another hard object. This would include banging the edges with metal utensils, hammers, and tile floors! Falling canned goods is the number one destroyer of beloved bowls.
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