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Gogi Millner - On Craft
What is it that drives a person to create art?

A craftsman works endlessly toward the goal of achieving a beautiful balance of art and craftsmanship.

It feels good to do this work.

It's challenging, fun and never the same.

There are infinite possibilities.

There is JOY of being lost in the creative process. Time and place seem to disappear, but you are aware of being present in that moment.

Some of my favorite moments are:
Thinking "Up and Out" while making a bowl.

Feeling detached and floating (almost flying) while pulling up a wall of clay.

Experiencing a continuous curve.

The miraculous simplicity of a spiral.

The flow of a line created by time and motion.

The sense of being a participant in the continuum of a human creativity that began with the first humans and that will not end until humanity ends.

The transformation of a ball of clay and water combined with the action of fire and water.
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