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Gogi Millner - On Art and Society
Why do people support the arts?

While an artist works continuously toward the goal of achieving beauty and fine craftsmanship regardless of the love, approval or appreciation of others, the compliments and awareness of others of the products of these labors of devotion to beauty and creativity is always welcomed in the life of an artist.

Many people recognize the valuable contributions that artists give their communities. Whether it is music, poetry, a visual art, craft or another of the many expressions of individuality created by people, they recognize the value of the uniqueness of humans which inexplicably connects us to each other.

Some of these people actively support, admire and show their appreciation through their support of this work and their creators. They recognize the benefits that can be enjoyed by listening to, looking at, using or even eating out of a thing of beauty. Some see the creative process as an expression of that nearly indefinable essence that connects people to each other and to the divine. They see the hand that has had a part in the creation.

While it is difficult to express what the benefits are, some questions are:
What is given to a person experiencing a thing of beauty?

What is given to a person caught up in a seemingly out of balance, chaotic and frightening world?

Are some things worthwhile in spite of their monetary value or passive/active political viewpoint?

Is the expression of beauty, grace, goodness, idealism or hope worthwhile in a world seemingly bent on death and destruction of all things "other"?

Is being "safe" or "right" more important than creativity and its expression that speaks to all people without judgement or exclusivity?

What would happen if all people, everywhere, recognized the beauty of our one earth and the value of each individual present upon it?
Gogi's Biography  |  Gogi on Craft  |  Gogi on Art and Society  |  About Home

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