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Arabesque Pattern
Item# A1101
Pattern: Grey Slip w/ Green Accents
Banding: Grey

Extra Large Serving Bowl
Approximately 12” - 13" in diameter
These bowls really make a statement when displayed. Large enough to feed a crowd they are big enough for a salad for 6-10. I use mine for popcorn or salad for 4. When not serving food it holds fruits or veggies on the counter.

Large Serving Bowl
Approximately 11” in diameter
This is my best seller. It is a favorite wedding or anniversary gift among my customers, particularly those who don’t wish to wait for a custom made “wedding plate”. they are the perfect size for a family salad, pasta bowl, or fruit bowl. They are a beautiful accent to kitchen, dining, or living room decors. These can be personalized. (Please allow 6-8 weeks).

Medium Serving Bowl
Approximately 9” in diameter
A beautiful serving bowl for vegetables and other side dishes.

Small Serving Bowl
Approximately 6” in diameter
Perfect for cereal, ice cream, candy, and individual servings.

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